Minyan is your place for you to perform and receive a Mitzvah, an opportunity to engage in our prayers. It is where you say, Kaddish (memorial prayers) for the recently departed or for the anniversary of the loss of a loved one. It is where you say, a "healing prayer" (Mishebarach) for your family and friends who are in need of healing. In order to perform this Mitzvah we need you plus nine others to make a Minyan: ten people. Your presence is very important to make the Minyan, to support our community, to pray and connect with others.

Minyan services are offered three times a week – Monday and Wednesday evenings and on Sunday morning. Minyan services, which are lead by our TEC clergy, provide additional opportunities for bereavement prayers and services in a group setting.

Evening Minyan

The Evening Minyan is conducted each Monday and Wednesday evening in the Winer Chapel at 7:15 pm.

Sunday Morning Minyan

The Sunday Morning Minyan is conducted in the Winer Chapel at 8:30 am. Tallit (prayer shawl) and Tefillin (phylacteries), which are typically worn at the Sunday morning service, are available in the chapel. Members of the congregation will be happy to train you in the blessings and procedures for laying Tefillin.

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