Do you love Temple Etz Chaim? Do you find it easy to strike up friendly conversations with
complete strangers? If you’re the type of person who enjoys meeting new people and
exchanging smiles, you should consider being a TEC ambassador.
The number one objective of a TEC Ambassador is to help new temple members feel a part the
congregation as quickly and deeply as possible by providing a warm welcome, a familiar face,
and a continued personal connection.

WHAT: TEC Ambassador is a volunteer position (potentially requiring an application and/or
interview). Ambassadors will serve a one year term and act as a bridge between TEC’s Board/
Clergy/Committees and the membership at large.

WHO: Anyone who loves TEC and wants to help build a stronger community amongst the
temple congregation. TEC has a diverse congregation and ambassadors will be expected to
make inroads with people in a variety of demographics. Therefore, all applicants should be
outgoing, personable, friendly, warm, open and accepting. Knowledge of the temple, its
history, current events and future plans is a plus.
Those who apply should be available for a minimum of six events throughout the calendar year.

WHEN: TEC Ambassadors will be asked to participate in events throughout the year. The
amount of any individual ambassador’s participation will vary depending on the total number of
ambassadors selected.

HOW: In preparation of events, Ambassadors will be asked to aid in any or all of the following:
• Event set up/tear down
• Event specific training
• Inviting congregants

During select events, Ambassadors can expect to perform a wide variety of functions including
but not limited to:
• Greeting individuals
• Facilitating small group activities
• Engaging in formal and informal conversations
• Promoting committee objectives

At some times as needed throughout the year, Ambassadors may expect to participate in any
or all of the following
• Leadership trainings
• Committee meetings
• Individualized debriefs and/or strategy sessions
• Connect-a-thons (calling/texting congregants just to connect)
• Recruitment of new ambassadors

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a TEC Ambassador, please
contact Jeffrey Solomon at

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