We play every Thursday and the games start at 6:15 PM. We play 29 games each paying $250. In addition we play other games that pay up to $1199. The games are open to the public as long as they are 18 years old. 

Michael Roberts, Trustee, Bingo

(818) 371-2560

Thank you to our recently retired bingo volunteer, Harry Norton.


Winners of Bingo’s Yearly Celebration of our 33rd Anniversary


  IMG 1723

Pictured left to right is: Casandra Bond who won a year of free Bingo ($3,600 value); Lily Moerler who won 6 months of free Bingo ($1,800); Janis O’Brien who won 3 months of free Bingo ($900 value); and Pam Weiss who won 1 month of free Bingo ($300 value)


Pictures from the Bingo Marathon (January, 20 2019)


November 2019

October 2018

Temple Etz Chaim Nov

Monthly Free Bingo Winner

Frank Stuniak won a month free bingo
(given away each month)

Halloween Winners

 From right to left: First place: Maree Contreras & Tiffany Walters. Second place: Mary Militello. Third place: Lisa Kane and Kim Ayala (was a draw).


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