Message from the President

Are you looking for a Conservative synagogue to call your home? Are you already a member of Temple Etz Chaim? Or are you just looking?

Whatever your reason for visiting our website, we are so glad you have landed here!

Traditionally, a synagogue consists of a House of Worship (beit ha t’fillah), a House of Education (beit ha midrash), and a House of Gathering (beit ha k’nesset). What makes Temple Etz Chaim such a special place?  We combine these three “houses” into a single warm and welcoming home.  Possibly, this could be your “home.”

As you browse the various sections of our website, you will learn about the many services, programs, events, and activities that we offer in each of our “houses.” Perhaps more importantly, you will also get a sense of what it is like to be in our home!

In addition to introducing you to all that Temple Etz Chaim offers, our website has a current calendar of Temple events, a discussion of the weekly Parasha, a wealth of educational material including book reviews, articles on contemporary issues, and information on Jewish holidays and life cycle events plus much more. We have designed the TEC website to be a valuable resource that you will want to visit regularly.

If you are interested in membership at Temple Etz Chaim, please contact one of our Temple staff at membership@templeetzchaim.org.

Jeff Solomon, President


Board of Directors


President Jeff Solomon president@templeetzchaim.org
Executive Vice President Shari Mark smark@templeetzchaim.org
Immediate Past President Sherri Finn ipp@templeetzchaim.org
Corresponding Secretary Elissa Lazarus corresponding@templeetzchaim.org
Financial Secretary Wendy Margolis fin.sec@templeetzchaim.org
Recording Secretary Beth Meyer recsec@templeetzchaim.org
Treasurer David Yodkovik treasurer@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Buildings and Grounds Larry Slomowitz lslomowitz@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Communications Dan Lubetkin communications@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Early Childhood Education Joe Zwicker jzwicker@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Membership Jennifer Elson membership@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Personnel and Legal Tom Milhaupt legal@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Religion and Worship Benny Sommerfeld religion@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Religious School Education Felicia Toporoff ftoporoff@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Social Action Judy Gindi socialaction@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Ways and Means David Abramovicz waysandmeans@templeetzchaim.org
VP, Youth Eric Feigenbaum vpyouth@templeetzchaim.org
Trustee - Adult Education Vacant adult-ed@templeetzchaim.org
Trustee - Bingo Michael Roberts bingo@templeetzchaim.org
Trustee - Community Outreach Mark Goldstein outreach@templeetzchaim.org 
Trustee - Information Technology Vacant information_techology@templeetzchaim.org
Trustee - Strategic Planning Terri Zwicker strategicplanning@templeetzchaim.org
Men's Club President Ken Leon mensclub@templeetzchaim.org
Women of TEC President Cindy Scherr womenoftec@templeetzchaim.org



Past Presidents


 Gary Katz  Marshall Scherr  Linda Friedlander
 Myles Simpson  Wendy Margolis  


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