At Temple Etz Chaim, we understand that we are responsible for providing our students with an excellent Jewish education. Our school’s critical role is to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for our students to be active and knowledgeable members of the Jewish Community. Religious education will help to enable future generations to live productive and meaningful lives as Americans and Jews.

Statement from Joyce Bronstein, Director of Religious School Education.





The Religious School’s curriculum emphasizes a child’s development into Jewish Life. Topics are taught at appropriate grade levels to maximize learning. Various teaching methods, including cooperative learning, music, art, dance, drama, storytelling, videos, visual aids, and games are used to enrich the learning process. Textbooks are assigned by subject and grade level. The individual teacher’s knowledge and creative input enhance the curriculum significantly. In implementing curriculum, each grade builds upon students’ previous educational experiences. Materials and resources progress from year to year. As students mature, discussions broaden and expand.

  • Provide the skills and knowledge to live a Jewish life
  • Provide moral and character development
  • Provide family education
  • Understand major themes and concepts found in each parsha
  • Understand and be able to practice Jewish traditions and be able to explain Jewish heritage
  • Participate and lead prayers with competency and understanding
  • Practice Jewish rituals at home and in the synagogue and observe Jewish ceremonies that are part of life cycle events
  • Encourage, support and participate in mitzvot at Temple, home, and in the community
  • Participate in acts of Gemilut Hasidim and giving tzedakah
  • Realize that they are part of a chain, linking generations through common experience and values
  • Be knowledgeable about Israel, the people, and the land
  • Strengthen their sense of Jewish identity, create empathy towards Jewish people around the world, and upholding the theme of Klal Yisrael
  • Involve their families in Jewish life through attendance at Shabbat dinners, Religious School services, and school activities



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