Message from the President

Welcome to Women of Temple Etz Chaim (WOTEC)!

We are a group of vibrant and multi-faceted women of all ages and at all stages of life.  We support and enhance our congregation with our connection and commitment to the synagogue, religious school, preschool, and USY programs. We provide programming for women in many areas -- everything from social events to social action, activities that can be cultural or religious, community service-oriented, educational, and entertaining.  We are also connected to Jewish women across the country through our membership in the Pacific Southwest Region of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, and provide support for Conservative seminary students through our participation in WLCJ’s Torah Fund campaign. 

Women of TEC has so much to offer you!  Please consider joining a committee or volunteering in our Judaica Shop, or just attending one of our many programs!  Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Temple, and are open to all WOTEC members.  I, along with all WOTEC Board members, am always available to speak with you and to answer any questions you might have.  Please feel free to contact me any time at womenoftec@templeetzchaim.org.  I look forward to seeing you all at our events and at Temple.


Cindy Scherr, President

Our Schedule of Events

Watch Monthly Bulletin, Constant Contact and Weekly Email Blast for further information on our events for 2020-2021...


Torah Fund Campaign 2019-2020 (5780)

Women of Temple Etz Chaim is excited to announce our 2019-2020 Torah Fund campaign raising funds to ensure our legacy to future generations of Conservative Jews by providing: Rabbis, Cantors, Educators, Administrators, Social Workers, Scholars, Professional and Lay Leaders, Researchers and more. Torah Fund supports higher Jewish learning at:

JTS - The Jewish Theological Seminary (New York)

Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles)

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem)

Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires)

Zacharias Frankel Seminary (Potsdam, Germany)

This year’s theme is CHESED which means “kindness” in Hebrew. The word can also be translated as “lovingkindness,” to convey the deep love that animates Jewish acts of kindness, done without thought of reward. The rabbinic tradition enacted many laws to formalize our commitment to kindness, making chesed one of the three central pillars of Jewish life, as Shimon HaTzaddik taught: “The world rests on three things, on Torah, on service of God, and on deeds of kindness” (Pirkei Avot 1:2).

The 5780 (2019-2020) Torah Fund pin depicts a heart surrounded by three circles, one larger than the next. This symbolizes the heart of kindness, which Jews enact in ever-widening realms of generosity: from family, to community, to the larger world; from North America, to Israel, to the world; or from sisterhood, to region, to the larger world of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. And as it is said in Psalm 89, may we build a world of kindness. A donation of $180 or more will provide you with the gift of this year’s Torah Fund Chesed pin.

Please make a difference in preserving Conservative judaism by supporting Torah Fund, the official philanthropy of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. Torah Fund has raised over $95 Million since its inception and the work to keep educational needs funded is still at the forefront.

Of course we encourage and welcome any and all donations of any amount. Please make checks payable to Temple Etz Chaim and write Torah Fund in the memo.

If the donation to Torah Fund is being made in memory of a loved one, please add a note with the check so you can be recognized in the Temple Bulletin. All donations can be sent to the Temple with attention Torah Fund on the envelope or with the envelope and pledge card provided. If you let us know in advance you are coming with a check or pledge card, we will make sure to have a Torah Fund pin waiting for your pick up in the Synagogue office (for donations of $180 or more). Contact us with any questions at 805.844.5624 (Linda) or 818.585.6890 (Esther).

B’Shalom and Todah Rabah,

Esther Pullan & Phyliss Dankberg

Co-Chairs, VP, Torah Fund

Women of TEC Scholarship

WOTEC awards scholarships to students of temple members (Elementary to entering 12th grade). Students participating in the following program, for the FIRST time, may apply for the following scholarships:
• Jewish Overnight Camps (Day Camps Excluded)
• Organized Summer Jewish Student Trips to Israel (i.e., March of the Living, Ramah Israel, USY on Wheels, etc.)

Please check back to this space as we seek applications to be due by March 2021

Keep Students Connected to TEC

Do you have students attending college, graduate school or studying away from home?  Women of TEC would like to help your children stay connected. WOTEC will be sending out cards and care packages, in time for Hanukkah, Purim and the Jewish New Year to let your children know we're thinking of them.


Tribute Cards

Anyone interested in giving a tribute to someone need only contact the Women of TEC member below and a beautiful Tribute Card will be mailed with your message. Notification will be submitted to the TEC Newsletter. It’s that easy! The cost is only $3 per card (postage included) or you may purchase 6 cards for $18. Your tribute will be sent AFTER we receive your donation. A tribute representative will also be available at Board and General Meetings to take your Tribute order.

Please contact Bonnie Rothman at brothman@ix.netcom.com 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Wedding Invitations

Looking for Bar/Bar Mitzvah or Wedding invitations, don't forget you can purchase through WOTEC volunteer Ann Ross (805-449-4200). You will receive a 25% discount and help support the Temple and the Women of TEC.

Our Board of Directors


Cindy Scherr

VP, Membership

Linda Hutchings

VP, Programming

Dana Gallenberg

VP, Torah Fund

Esther Pullan & Phyllis Dankberg

VP, Youth Laura Bailin

Recording/Corresponding Secretary

Pam Friedman

Financial Secretary

Etta Weinstein


Elissa Lazarus


Jen Sonnenberg Rhim

Past Presidents

Elissa Lazarus


Phyllis Dankberg


Sheila Chadroff


Wendy Halpert


Karen Roberts


Wendy Margolis


Barbara Ungar


Joan Sandoval


Linda Alpert


May Wexler


Etta Weinstein


Sarah Karamas


Ronae Fink


Linda Zweig


Evie Alpert


Shirley Smith


Ferne Blaugrund


Tziporah Lutzker


Babe Dunaier


Barbara Scherr


Joan Karp


Renee Steele


Susan Schwartz


Barbara Roman/Krupin


Mary Polowchak


Edith Bond


Tula Funk


Libby Giniger


Upcoming Events

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