Caring Connections

Caring Connections seeks to provide hope and support during times of illness and sorrow as well as celebrations in times of joy.  Please let us know of a temple member in need of our support package: condolence, prayer for healing or a Mazel Tov package.

We created a Community Resource Binder, located in the Temple Office’s snack room for your borrowed access should you need some added support instead of the internet.  We always welcome your ideas, support, involvement, and helping hands to grow our Caring Connection program in our TEC community. 

Feel free to reach out to twank@templeetzchaim.org. Take care.

Premier Pre Need Program: TEC is working in partnership with Mt. Sinai Memorial Park and Mortuaries to help you reserve a plot in advance.

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Support Groups

Bereavement Support Group: TEC has proudly partnered with Hope Connection, a 501(c)(3) that specializes in Grief and Loss. The support group is led by a HOPE Connection Staff therapist, Lori Oberman, MFT (MFT#45608). For further information and to set up an Orientation appointment:(8l8) 788-HOPE (4673) or email info@hopegroups.org.

Click here for the Caring Connections Local Resource Guide.

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